Refund Policy /certifies all its services and descriptions, listed in this Website.

Our service structures are maneuvered to troubleshoot software crashing and to deliver best customer support. Our purpose is to provide a safe and unfretted computing experience. / guarante esassistance and support in all its operations. If you are dissatisfied with our service, please call us on / or email us at

We promise instant fix / auxiliary of services within 24hours from the time of initiation of the complaint.

One Time Fix:-

Customers who have opted one time fix from / are allowed a refund, only if the reported problems are not fixed. The one time fix service is active for 48 hours only, from the time of restoration. In case the issue persists, customer can report by calling us on 1 888 287 4081 or emailing us at billing / within 48 hours.

We assure immediate fix / replacement of services. Disappointment in resolving the issue guarantees a total refund. Upon approval of your refund request, the money will be refunded within 7-10 business days.

Subscription Services:-

A full refund is available for those who opt out of the subscription service within 30 days from the date of subscription .Beyond this 30 day period, the refund or termination of service would directly fall under pro-rata basis for the services categorized in the subscription.

We demand you to study our return policy carefully before purchasing any of our Products and Services. We have explained in detail in our website, our services and materials.We therefore presume that the customer has knowledge of the product and services and is comfortable with its worth prior to making the purchase. We do not accept any return/refund requests after 30 days from the date of purchase.

Please mention candidly your intention for return/refund. After considerable valuation, we would refund/return your money to your bank account or pay pal account, whichever is appropriate.Refund by other methods are considered only for special conditions.

All refunds would be credited in customer account within 7-10 Business days upon reception of Refund request.

For refunds beyond 30 days: Customers are requested to return the whole supply of items, mails and license to us without any damage or modification. The products should be returned in their original form along with the warranty to qualify you for a refund. It is the customer’s responsibility to return the products with no damage.

Please send all return/refund requests to

Disclaimer: / reserves the right to weigh uparbitration for refund with the customer, bearing in mind the promises delivered, software provided and services commenced/ executed. Under such circumstances, the company shall be paid in full for all the services consumed by the customer. In case the customer contacts the bank or a third party for a refund, / reserves the right to negotiate, right to speak to the customer and the right to seek counsel of an expert for resolution. Under no condition should the refund exceed the contract service charges.