is the distinct proprietor of this website This page emphatically declares that the possessors of this Company whollyuphold client secrecies during the service episode (from service request to troubleshooting to payment).

This website shields the specifics of the Users who visit the website and guarantees down-to-earth and cordial relationship during the course of association. Handing out particulars like name, address, email id, gender, and date of birth, is crucial to create an account with our service. Certain facts like Internet Protocol, Access time, language and browsing location will be customarily accumulated.

These gathered details are maintained with principalconfidence and will not beabused for self-seeking motives. You are requiredto create an account with us to procure remote assistance. The particulars furnishedby you for this will be well-kept-up.

It is mandatory to present details pertaining to your credit card / debit card / or any other alternate payment mode during payment. We pledgecare and caution in all transactions. Wiping outyour personal details from our database post your service period is assured. We are not liable for any kind of infractions leading to payment flops or cash siphoning.Payment is at individual’s own risk.

Data accrued during the service period such as your system model, printer model, firewall information, system or printer age, type of internet connection, device operation system etc will not be released to any outsider for any promotions or drives or profile-raising and will be kept confidential with is authorized to make alterations to the website’s privacy policy whenever required and the clients will be kept informed about it.

We amass private information using cookies solely for identification purpose. Customers could block these cookies, though usability of some areas of the website would be weakened

On visiting our website some insignificant details like Internet protocol address, browser type, service request date and time, last visited website will automatically get saved with us. We use details such as your login name, passwords, frequently visited pages etc only to individualize our site for you .We use these information to make public the websites you visit while browsing. You may choose total privacy if you disagree with this arrangement.