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123 HP Envy models are conceived with an amazing design language and Form factor that fits well even in small confines. The ultra-compact shape, glossy surface and lovely curves embellish your study desk or home office furniture.



123 HP high-yield Ink Cartridges are larger in size than XL cartridges and long lasting as well producing copious amounts of prints at unbelievably low costs adding enormous value.



The 123 HP Envy offers a fascinating mix of features in a unique and stylish design package at a very competitive price making it easily affordable for home and home business alike.



123 HP takes pride in environmental responsibility by applying energy efficient approaches and producing ENERGY STAR certified printers that deliver a double whammy in cost savings and minimal environmental impact without compromising on printer’s performance.



Unpacking, Setup and Installation of driver software is made convenient and easy with a simple and well detailed instruction manual that escort you through the processes.



Wireless Printing from a Mobile device or computer is enabled through a built in Wi-Fi feature promoting sheer comfort & convenience and driving productivity.


Envy Printer Series is one of the finest premium printers from 123 HP Printer Product line for Home and Small Business consumers.  An exquisitely designed marvel showered with a generous dose of design aesthetics attracting glances of admiration all over. An ultra compact shape designed to make any corner its own, gleaming piano black finish and stylish curves and edges are, undoubtedly, head turners. The Automatic Paper Tray is intelligent and tucks itself in when not in use proving it as a space saver once again. While it is great on design, Envy is an incredible performer too with productive features and functions.

Envy’s true forte lies in producing vibrant and razor sharp borderless photos akin to a lab quality print at breathtakingly low cost. This 123 HP All-in-one printer can print photos, documents, e mails, web pages and creative projects in laser-like quality at staggering ISO Print speeds. This Multi function printer comes loaded with a central 2.2” Touchscreen LCD for users to switch between Print, Scan, Copy and Fax functions with consummate ease. A 25-Sheet Automatic page feeder makes it easier to handle multi page documents reducing manual paper feeding trouble and Auto Duplex printing adds to cost savings on paper. Envy has evolved and adapted to the technology ecosystem offering infinite freedom to you in printing your favorite photos and important office documents from your smart phones or tablets on the fly.

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123 HP Print via Wi-Fi Direct

123 HP Wi-Fi Direct is a novel technology that bridges your Wi-Fi Direct enabled Printer and your computer or a smartphone through a wireless network connection sans a Wireless router or an Access Point. HP Wi-Fi Direct is technically similar to connecting a wi-fi capable device to an available network or hot spot. HP printer Plug-in application software is essential to be installed in mobile devices for them to trigger print commands to 123 HP Printers wirelessly. Wi-Fi Direct is secure, fast and can support long ranges.

Does my device support Wi-Fi Direct ?

  • A Majority of Wireless Printers launched post 2014 support Wi-Fi Direct. Provision of Wi-Fi Direct can be identified by a Wi-Fi Direct Icon or Button placed on the Control Panel. In absence of a button or icon, use your control panel to browse ‘Wi-Fi Direct Menu’ item through Network Setup or Wireless Settings Menu.
  • For Printers lacking an inbuilt control panel, an Information button comes to the rescue by printing out a report consisting of Wi-Fi Direct Name and Password. Alternatively, the Resume button can be pressed for 2 seconds to print the same for printers without Information button. 

Devices : 

  • For Smartphones and tablets, their Operating Systems should be Android 4.0 or later along with a 123 HP Print Service Plugin pre-installed for to be compatible.
  • For desktops and laptops, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 with 123 HP Printer drivers are directly compatible

See below for a list of exclusions:

Apple iPhone/iPad/OS X installed Mac’s

Windows 7/XP/Vista

How do I enable Wi-Fi Direct and print photos from my device?

Wi-Fi Direct option is simple and easy to activate and trigger wireless prints from your smartphone or laptops.

  • Switch on Your Printer. Turn on Wi-Fi Direct by touching the Wi-Fi Direct Icon or Button on Printer’s control panel.
  • For Printers lacking an inbuilt control panel, an Information button comes or a Resume Button can be pressed to fetch Wi-Fi Direct Name and Password.
  • From the Options, Select Automatic for printing without passwords or choose “Manual” to require a password if the data is sensitive and must be secured.
  • Conversely, Turn on Wi-Fi on your device from the Settings Menu but not necessarily connected to a wireless network.
  • A latest version of 123 HP Print Service Plugin or Mopria Print Service must be downloaded and installed on your target Android device.
  • Open the 123 HP Print Service Plugin, point to the document or photo that should be printed and then hit Print.
  • Choose and confirm your Printer Name on the 123 HP Print Service Plugin screen from a crew of printers, if any.

How do I print from a device that does not support Wi-Fi Direct ?

  • The network capabilities of 123 HP Printers still support Printing from a Mobile device that does not possess Wi-Fi Direct. The mobile device without a Wi-Fi can still be connected to 123 HP’s Wi-Fi Direct but cannot be simultaneously connected to a parallel regional network or the Internet. Ensure the Print Documents or photos are already in the internal storage of your mobile device. Follow this series of instructions to accomplish it.
  • Switch on Your Printer. Turn on Wi-Fi Direct by touching the Wi-Fi Direct Icon or Button on Printer’s control panel.
  • For Printers lacking an inbuilt control panel, an Information button comes or a Resume Button can be pressed to fetch Wi-Fi Direct Name and Password.
  • From the Options, Select Automatic for printing with simple known passwords (i.e 123456) to avoid accidental printing or choose “Manual” to authenticate the printing with a secure random generated password which can be fetched from the Printer itself.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi on your smartphone or tablet from the Settings Menu and then select DIRECT-xx-HP [your printer model name] from a list of available networks, if any. Ensure the device is in range with your printer to make the connection work.
  • Enter the Wi-Fi Direct Password when prompted.
  • Open the 123 HP Print Service Plugin, point to the document or photo that should be printed and then hit Print.
  • Choose and confirm your Printer Name on the 123 HP Print Service Plugin screen from a crew of printers, if any. Then tap Print to get your favorite documents and photos printed wirelessly from another room or from your sofa.
  • Keep in mind that you have printed from a device that does not support Wi-Fi Direct. It is imperative that you need to reconnect to a local network or Internet to disconnect yourself from the printer post completion of a print job.


 HP ePrint Setup

 Wireless Setup

HP Printer setup

HP ePrint Printer/Scanner Setup :

Scanning is a process of conversion of physical copy of a document or record into a digital copy that can be electronically stored on a storage medium which can be accessed or retrieved in the future for reference .

123 HP products comprise of a flat-bed Scanner. The Flat Bed Scanners are landscape oriented device that are compact and space saving. The Scanners are quick in operation, scan at sharp resolutions and also digitally archives documents and photos and sends to cloud platforms.

123 HP Printer/scanner settings can be altered either from the product’s control panel or from corresponding application software installed on your workstation.

123 HP Printer Scanner Settings :

Identify the Name of your Printer from the printer Control panel.

Open the 123 HP Printer Software on your computer .Point to the tool ‘Scan a Document or a photo’

A Scan dialogue box opens up. Choose a Scanning Shortcut placed to the left of Scan Dialogue box.

Choose and select your suitable Scan preferences from this dialogue box.

Click on Save Settings to save the Scan preferences.

123 HP Printer Installation:

Open the package and remove the contents with care until you empty the box.

The Printer must be removed and all other tape and stickers that is wrapped around and inside the printer should be carefully removed.

Pull out the Paper tray to remove the packing tapes and stickers.

 Push the paper tray to fit back in its groove.

Power Connection and Preference settings:

Connect one end of the power cord to the printer and other end to an external electrical power source.

Once the electrical connections are verified, power your printer using the switch.

Select the Language on the Printer Control Panel using the Arrow Keys and confirm by pressing an ‘OK’

Continue to press Down Arrow Keys to select Country/Region and confirm by pressing an ‘OK’

Paper Loading :

Pull the input paper tray outside to extend it to a level for easy loading of papers.

Stretch the paper length-width guides to a position where it cannot be adjusted anymore.

Load a stack of right sized papers onto the paper tray and adjust the width guides to hold the paper in position.

Push back the paper tray until it slots itself.

Installation of Ink Cartridges:

Open the ink Cartridges access door by holding the handles and raising the door.The Access Area is now occupied by the carriage.

Separate one of the ink cartridges from the package and peel of its surface plastic tape.

The ink cartridges must be slotted into a series of cartridges slots by opening the lid and slotting in its place in a direction where the nozzle face is towards the printer.

Do not forget to close the lid to lock those cartridges and close the access door.

Ink Cartridges Alignment :

An Alignment Page prints itself after the ink cartridges are slotted and access doors are closed.

Place the printed page facing down on the Scanner glass by exactly positioning it on the marker lines.

Close the lid of the Scanner and press OK

The Printer automatically aligns the Ink cartridges itself.


Google Cloud Print is a free service that allows you to print documents and photos securely from any mobile or network-connected device (such as a computer, phone, tablet, or other mobile device) to your printer.

You do not need to download any drivers or software from the 123 HP Printer website or Google to print with Google Cloud Print.

Google Cloud Print is a service facilitated to print documents, photos and e mails over a secure network from mobile devices such as laptop, Smartphone or tablet connected to a network. A fascinating feature is that it is uncomplicated. It does not necessitate downloading drivers or software from 123 HP or Google to take advantage of Google Cloud Print. It simplifies the wireless cloud printing process to elementary levels.



You Need:

A laptop/Desktop/Computer running on Chrome, Windows XP or later, Linux, OS X v10.7 or later, or Chromebook

Google Chrome browser

A Google account

A Google Cloud Print Ready printer. This printer must be sharing the network with your laptop/Mobile Device with a connected internet.

Register Classic Printers:

Turn the power on your Printer.

Sign in to your Google Account on a Chrome Browser installed on your laptop/mobile device.

Open Chrome://devices on a chrome browser tab.

A list of new printers and another list of already registered printers with Google Cloud print are populated

Click “Add Printers” under the section of “Classic Printers”

Google Cloud Print shows a list of printers that can be added to your account.

Complete the registration by clicking on “Add printers” again.

Register Cloud Ready Printers:

Turn the power on your Printer.

Sign in to your Google Account on a Chrome Browser installed on your laptop/mobile device.

Click on Chrome Menu icon on top right corner of the browser

Click on Settings and scroll all the way down to select Show Advanced Settings

Find Google Cloud Print and then click on Manage Button

Click on Manage Button which transports you to Devices Screen.

This devices screen will populate all the printers that are detected by Google Cloud print on the network. ‘My Devices’ will show all printers that are already registered with Google Cloud Print while ‘New Devices’ shows printers that are detected but not registered yet.

Click Register and confirm the registration again and a conformation page may print itself to signify registration completion.

The Printer Control panel may request you to authorize the registration process through its control panel.

In certain scenarios, the printer may not get listed because they are just not connected to the network yet. Double check the printer connection and then try connecting using the Printer’s email address retrieved from Web Services Summary on Printer’s control panel.

Note : The Printer acquires an email address only after it is setup and activated for HP e Print.


AirPrint is a printing solution for Apple mobile products that enables wireless printing on ePrint enabled 123 HP printers.  Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod running iOS 4.2 or later can be connected to 123 HP printers over a private wireless network and instantly print photos, documents and brochures. Unlike ePrint, AirPrint does not support or work on public networks or cellular data connections. Safari, Photos, Mail and iWorks are among the many popular apps that supports AirPrint.


Ensure you have following in place as minimum requirements to initiate an AirPrint.

Devices: An Apple mobile device running iOS 4.2 or upwards (iPhone, iPad or iPod)

AirPrint supported 123 HP Printer:  123 HP Printers released in 2010 or after are directly compatible and support AirPrint.

A Private Wireless Network: 123 HP Printer and Apple Mobile devices must share a common wireless network to send print jobs over that network. Apple’s Bonjour identifies the wireless printer on the local network automatically.

iStore Apps : Safari, Photos, Mail and iWorks are among the many popular apps that directly supports AirPrint.

Note :AirPrint does not work on public Wi-Fi Hotspots , Bluetooth or cellular data connections. AirPrint is not compatible with 123 HP Printers launched before 2010 nor backward compatible with earlier 123 HP Printer Products.

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How to print with Apple AirPrint ?

Select the App that you want to print from on your 123 HP Printer using AirPrint.

Touch on the Action Icon to show the Display Menu Options. If there is no Action Icon present on certain Apps, it is not possible to print from those apps using AirPrint.

Choose Print option from the list of Menu options. If Print option is not available on the menu, it is not possible to print from those apps using AirPrint.

Tap and select your HP ePrint Printer on the Printer Options Menu . Tap one final time on Print to instantly print your photos from your Apple devices.


HP ePrint grants you the liberty to print your beloved photos and treasured documents from virtually anywhere across the length and breadth of the world at your will as long as you are actively connected to Internet. This cloud based platform assigns an e mail address to the printer which acts as a recipient of print jobs through e-mails and prints them. In Simple words, send an email to your printer comprising documents or photos which needs to be printed from your smartphone or Notebook.

Requirements, Setup and Enabling HP ePrint

Most of the 123 HP printers support wireless or cloud based printing from mobile devices powered by various 123 HP developed apps and Cloud services including HP ePrint. Please check if your current printer supports HP ePrint. Follow the series of instructions for setup and enabling it.

  • Watch out for HP ePrint symbol or button or icon on the control panel of your printer. Press the HP ePrint button or icon to activate it.
  • For Printers lacking an inbuilt control panel, guide yourself through the Network Setup or Wireless Settings to arrive at the Web Services Menu.
  • Ensure your computer is connected to an active Internet Connection.
  • Make sure your printer is also connected to the Internet through a wired Ethernet Connection or a Wireless Connection.
  • Web Services must be turned on using the 123 HP Printer Control panel for smooth functioning of HP ePrint services. Web Services acts as a secure conduit over the web for the Embedded Web Server (EWS) to communicate with cloud based printing service apps such as HP ePrint. Frequent firmware updates need to be completed for efficient functioning of the system.
  • Please proceed with a Turn On, Enable or Setup when prompted to activate Web Services or Set up HP ePrint. Follow the On-Screen instructions until you activate Web Services.
  • Post activation of Web Services, Web Service Summary screen along with a Connection Status comes up on Screen showing the printer’s E mail Address. If you would like to print a copy of information, tap on Print Info.
  • Go on to send an e mail with documents that you would like to print to the printer e mail address seen on Web Services summary Screen. The HP ePrint treats the email and its enclosures as print jobs received securely over the internet from a smartphone or a notebook and instantly prints them.

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